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Music and Dance Entertainment
At The Island Oktoberfest!

Here are our 2022 entertainers we have signed up so far. Dates and times will be announced once the schedule is finalized.

The TubaMeisters

No instrument is more identified with German and Czech music than the Tuba. The TubaMeisters, a Tuba/Euphonium quartet, go far beyond the oompah tradition, by presenting a rich and varied entertainment.

All the old standards are here, with other music you’ll enjoy. There’s also Austrian, Czech, Slovenian, Spanish, and Mexican, and even a few Country-Western and Rock tunes, as well, with vocals in five languages.


Isaak klaus and The Lederhosen Junkies

Isaak Klaus on Accordian

One of the area’s hottest new polka bands, Isaak Klaus and the Lederhosen Junkies are up-and-coming stars.  Polka fans young and old will enjoy their wide array of music ranging from traditional German, Czech, and Polish polkas and waltzes, to Russian folks songs, and Eastern European Gypsy tunes. The Junkies bring a fresh new take to old time classics and insert their own unique spin on traditional favorite tunes.  Endearing fans find their irresistible charm, coupled with their unique comedic attitude and a can-do spirit very refreshing. Polka veterans enjoy the fact that young fans are drawn to the Junkies youthful, high energy shows.  This young band, along with it’s diehard fans, will ensure that polka music will stick around for a long time to come. The 2020 Big Squeeze Polka State Champion, Isaak Klaus was born with a pretzel in one hand and a sausage-on-a-stick in the other.  The Lederhosen Junkies have played at many festivals across Texas including the Tomball German Heritage Fest, the Fredericksburg Oktoberfest, the New Braunfels Christkindlmarkt, and the New Braunfels Wurstfest.


Jodie mikula orchestra

Jodie Mikula organized the Jodie Mikula Orchestra in 1967.  Three of the original band members are still performing with the band.  It is one of the few family bands now performing in Texas.

The band received the following awards from the Texas Polka Music Association (TPMA):

  • Posthumous Award to a Pioneer Polka Band Leader with a Lifetime of Dedication to Polka Dance Music was presented to the Jodie Mikula Orchestra on behalf of the accomplishments of Jodie Mikula
  • 1991 Band of the Year
        Best Vocal Duo/Trio – Ken and Nick Mikula
        Album of the Year – “Hot Favorites”
  • 1993 Song of the Year“The Klobase Polka”, an original composition by the band members
  • New Album of the Year – Jodie Mikula Orchestra Presents “The Klobase Polka”
        Best Vocals Band

In June 1996, the Jodie Mikula Orchestra performed at the First Annual Lawrence Welk Polka Festival in Branson, MO.  There was a band competition judged by celebrities such as Myron Floren, Larry Welk Jr., The Lennon Sisters, Jo Ann Castle and others.  The Jodie Mikula Orchestra tied for first place.  One of the honors bestowed to the winners was to perform with Myron Floren in the Lawrence Welk Show that evening.

Let’s meet the band

    Ken Mikula    Lead cornet, tenor sax, baritone horn, trombone, vocals, Band Leader
    Nick Mikula     Second cornet, alto sax, lead guitar, alto horn, vocals, Booking Manager
    Andy Mikula    Percussion, Band Manager
    Mike Marek     Electric bass, bass horn, accordion
    Joe Zetka   Accordian, trumpet .sax,  guitar, vocals.
    Janice Marek    Piano

The band is celebrating its 46th anniversary.  The band appreciates all the support given by their loyal fans and always strives to bring the best of polka music for your listening and dancing enjoyment.


New Braunfels Gemischter Chor Harmonie

The New Braunfels Gemischter Chor Harmonie is a group of people who enjoy singing and having fun and fellowship (Gemütlichkeit) while preserving the German language and traditions. Some of us are fluent in German, while others are using the choir to help them learn the language. Most of all we love singing and it is a special challenge to do that in German while living in Texas.


Keine Kunst Folk Dance Troupe

A group of Folk Dancers aspiring to create an even bigger name for German Folk Dancing in Texas.

In 2014, a small group of students from Deer Park High School started Das ist Keine Kunst Folk Dance Troupe to continue their shared interest in spreading German culture. Throughout the last 8 years, Keine Kunst has made a name as one of the youngest professional dance groups in Texas.

Not only will you find Keine Kunst on the dance floor, they have expanded their presence into teaching, judging competitions, and audience participation performances. Their hope is that their performances can encourage everyone to enjoy German traditions. ‘We make dancing look like a piece of Cake!’ 


The Lineup Band

With each band member’s unique background and talent – Willy Gonzalez founder, playing drums; Stacy Cook, bassist; and Jeff Pennington, lead guitarist – The Line Up is a personified cross-section of cultures and musical genres, also evidenced in their repertoire that numbers nearly 500 songs spanning decades and genres.

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Mid life Crisis Band

Featuring local professionals, “Mid Life Crisis” will play to a loyal local following and a growing new fan base.  For over fifteen years now, this band of local doctors, attorneys and professionals has been entertaining on Galveston’s Strand and at Galas and Charitable events.

A tremendous hit and crowd favorite since 2011, the band returns this year to Oktoberfest!  Midlife Crisis specializes in music from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s, adding new hits in current favorites.


Kevin Anthony & G-Town’s music is the Gulf Coast Sound!

Kevin Anthony & G-Town mix country, Cajun, blues, Mexican and swamp pop influences to create that unique Gulf Coast Sound. It’s the kind of music you have on when you want to dance, drink and have fun with friends and family! It’s the music coming out of your dad’s old cassette player, the twang and fiddle pouring out an open door of a honky-tonk airing out in the afternoon, the polka and bass thump from a backyard barbecue. It’s the sound you hear when you open the door on a dingy looking bar in a gravel parking lot and are met with dust flying on the dance floor, the clink of beer bottles and the crowd roaring along with the band. It’s music sung in English, French and Spanish and it’s been around longer than lines have been on the map.

Nominated for FIVE categories in the 2018 Texas Country Music awards

Winner of the Prix des hors CFMA award Cajun French Music Association

Vocals, Fiddle, Mandolin, Guitar / Kevin Anthony
Bass / Christopher Smith Gonzalez
Guitar, Vocals / Dwight Wolf
Steel Guitar/ Jim Hall
Drums / Joel Mora
Drums/ Nicole “Jelly Roll” Mendell


Fanfare! Lutheran Music academy

Fanfare! Lutheran Music Academy is a 501c3 nonprofit with a mission to provide high-quality, low-cost music and the arts education for youth, in a God-honoring environment. Proceeds from Galveston Oktoberfest help them to offer music, art, and dance lessons to local youth and adults!